We operates 2 chains of leadership which are the executives & committee heads. We have 5 executive position that is open to eligible members after 2 years of active membership and they are:

  • President, currently occupied by AKINNAYAJO BABATUNDE
  • Vice Preseident, currently occupied by ZAINAB OBAJE
  • Secretary,currently occupied by JENNINE OKAFOR
  • Financial secretary, currently occupied by AMANDA ORUH
  • Public Relation Officeir 1 & 2,currently occupied by JULIET EZEIGWE & ADEKUNLE LAWAL respectively
We also set up commitee heads to supervises various aspect of the organisation visions and objectives and they are:

  • Head of Projects and is headed by Asuama Inyang
  • Head of Project Funding and is headed by Edime
  • Head of disciplinary Commitee and is headed by Julie Onoh
  • Head of Charity Outreach and is headed by Anita Abada
  • Head of Festival and is headed by Vessel Johnson
  • Head of Constitution and is headed by Victor Anyim
  • Head of Welfare and is headed by Rodrigo Memberr
  • Head of Production and is headed by Joshua Lawrence & Ezra Ibrahim
CAAFA also has branches across 5 other african countries namely:

  • Ghana and is headed by Andy Tetteh
  • Gambia and headed by Danny Constant
  • Kenya and headed by Evelyn Kazira
  • Sierra Leone and headed by Victory Emeh
  • South African and and headed by Amara Okeafor


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