The Interview (La Entrevista)

Directed by Babatunde Akinnayajo (Mr Tunez Filmmaker) Category:: Short Film

The Interview (La Entrevista) is an adaptation of a true life story in Spain. It tells the story of a young man who has been unemployed for a longtime. he is called for an interview and what he meets at the interview takes a turn down a dark path. The Interview is one of the only 30 films in Africa that made it to AFRIFF 2018. Produced and Directed by Akinnayajo Babatunde ( Mr TunezĀ  Filmmaker)

Film Title: The Interview (La Entrevista)
Director: Akinnayajo Babatunde (Mr Tunez Filmmaker)
Producer: Akinnayajo Babatunde (Mr Tunez Filmmaker)
Genre: Drama
Film duration: 12:04

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